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Program Pelatihan untuk Bisnis dan Individu

agritusi training

Kami mengadakan pelatihan setiap waktu sesuai dengan kebutuhan para peserta yang disesuaikan dengan kondisi dan waktu peserta dan trainer.  Kami melayani pelatihan dan pendampingan hidroponik untuk skala bisnis dan individu (hobbyist) yang dapat dilakukan di tempat kami ataupun di tempat /lokasi kebun atau kantor para peserta.

For individuals and businesses seeking to learn the art and science of building and operating hydroponic growing systems, we  offer a range of training programs at our facility in Jati Mulyo, South Lampung, Indonesia. When you purchase certain consulting packages or systems, we offer training for businesses that want to grow their own hydroponic greens or vegetables. Commercial training programs topics might include:

Growing Systems and Irrigation System Design: You will learn how to design hidroponic growing systems and irrigation system that suitable for your Farms or Needs.

Operational procedures: In this training program, you will understand how operations on a hydroponic farm should run and what procedures need to be in place to make that happen.

System maintenance: To keep your hydroponic and irrigation system running smoothly and properly, we will teach you proper maintenance practices. Plant health management: This training program will equip you to grow nutritious, healthy plants from seeding to harvest. Disease identification and remediation: Learn what different diseases might affect your plants and how to quickly and efficiently eliminate them.


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