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Desain Sistem Hidroponik Sesuai Kebutuhan Anda

agritusi hidroponik

Kami melayani desain sistem hidroponik, jaringan irigasi sesuai kebutuhan dan usaha yang Anda perlukan.Kebutuhan perancangan sistem hidroponik disesuaikan dengan kondisi lingkungan, jenis tanaman, konsumsi energi, dan operasi serta pemeliharaan selama budidaya tanaman secara hidroponik, serta yang pasti disesuaikan dengan kondisi keuangan (budget) yang dimiliki.

Agritusi Farm can equip consumers to grow fresh greens commercially, in restaurants and business, and in homes.

Commercial: If you are interested in starting an indoor, hydroponic farm, we can build a system to fit your space and needs. Our modular systems can be scaled to fit in any size facility.

Restaurants and Businesses: Having a growing system in your store has a huge benefit: fresh lettuce on demand! Whether you are supplying your employees or customers, they will get the freshest, most nutritious greens possible. A hydroponic growing system essentially eliminates post-harvest waste and adds a nice flare to your restaurant or business’s atmosphere.

Home: Wouldn’t it be nice to make a salad with freshly harvested lettuce? With our home growing system you can! These low maintenance systems can produce fresh lettuce weekly with out the dirt and mess from an outdoor garden. Home growing systems come in one size. High end customizable systems are also available.

Whether you are interested in growing commercially, in your restaurant or business, or right in your home, we can meet your needs with one of our high quality growing systems.

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