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About Us

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Agritusi was developed by Ahmad Tusi.  He is a lecture and researcher at state university that focus on education, training, public services and researching in hydroponics-irrigation and drainage engineering design.  Ahmad Tusi and Agritusi Consulting focus on inspiring empowering our future farmers with technology.

Ahmad Tusi and Agritusi Consulting  provide training and development services for those working in irrigation and drainage sector, hydroponic agriculture,  sells and services hydroponic growing systems for both home and commercial use.

Furthermore, We also focus on the small farmers. The ones creating a real impact, no matter how small it may seem.  It’s important to remember that change usually doesn’t take place on a large scale. Change and innovation come from the bottom. From the somebody tinkering in their garage or garden.

Ahmad Tusi and Agritusi come to you for helping and contributing to your farms, garden, etc. Because…. We learn, educate people for transfering knowlege to the others, training, research, design, test, redesign and retest our design. Ahmad Tusi and Agritusi Farm team are committed to helping the growers both on large commercial and small hobbyist growers.

Growing with Us.. The integrated agriculture professional on hydroponics, irrigation and drainage engineering design.


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