Jati Mulyo, Lampung Selatan - INDONESIA
+62 0812 8890 680 agritusi@gmail.com


Agritusi Farm  provide training and development services for those working in irrigation and drainage sector, hydroponic agriculture,  sells and services hydroponic growing systems for both home and commercial use.

  • Training centre
  • consultation
  • Hydroponics growing system design
  • Surface irrigation design
  • Pressurized irrigation (Pump irrigation, sprinkler and trickler irrigation)
  • Agricultural drainage design
  • Tools and product selling

Our product:

  • Peralatan Irigasi
  • Peralatan budidaya hidroponik
  • Pupuk Hidroponik
  • Media Tanam
  • Sistem Hidroponik
  • Paket Teknologi Sprinkler Portable
  • Paket Teknologi Irigasi Tetes
  • Buku Panduan Hidroponik
  • Buku Panduan Rancangan Irigasi